Exciting!  Time to confirm your Wedding Album options.

You can use this form, or download our order form and complete the order manually. If you have any questions please get in touch!

  • Album Specifications

    Please check your package to confirm your albums inclusions. Some extras are available to purchase. Visit the website and under "ALBUMS" for colour swatches and more details.
  • STEP 1

    Choose your wedding album size
  • If your wedding collection includes an 8x12" or 10x10" album, please choose from one of the below
  • If your wedding collection includes a Large 11x14" or 12x12" album, please choose from one of the below
  • STEP 2

    Additional Pages. Add one additional spread = two pages
  • Enter number of additional spreads below Cost $50 per double spread
  • STEP 3

    Wedding Album Cover Options:
  • Please select one wedding album cover option from the list below. Fabric swatches are available for viewing if you are not sure. Colours are also available on our website under ALBUMS.
  • STEP 4

    Album page paper type
  • Albums have thick pages, approx 2.5mm and you have a choice of Fine Art Matte, or Lustre Photo. Select one below
  • STEP 5

    Inside Cover Lining options. You can view swatches on the website
  • If selecting Handmade paper, enter paper colour name here
  • STEP 6

    Vellum Title Page | $110 Includes one double spread + custom vellum title page
  • Enter the text would you like printed on your Vellum Title Page
  • STEP 7

    Album Style
    Hard Cover or Journal Leather Wrap (not available in all sizes)
  • STEP 8

    Cover Embossing and Font
  • Depending on your cover style we can emboss your names and or date of your wedding. Enter what you would like embossed we will reconfirm layout.
  • Please select one location:
  • STEP 9

    Album Box
  • We have a selection of standard and premium wedding album boxes to choose from. Please select one. If you select Premium Slide Case, the same fabric as your album will be used. Not available in Classic or Premium Leather. A similar fabric cover will be selected
  • Thank you.

    Once we receive your order confirmation, we will process your order form and be in touch to confirm the details.