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Wedding Day Timeline

Why is a Wedding Day Timeline an important part of the planning process?

I am often told “we don’t need a timeline as our wedding is only small” or “we don’t want to be stuck to a timeline for our day and want to go with the flow”. Both these ideas are fine but you still need a wedding day timeline for a couple of reasons.

Tamborine Wedding photographer st bernards hotel weddings

Wedding Day timelines aren’t set in stone

Your wedding day timeline should be a guide outlining your day. This includes when your suppliers are arriving, when they are leaving, the time and duration of your ceremony, when sunset will be, and what time your reception starts and finishes… and everything else inbetween.

How to create a timeline for your wedding day

Start with the times we have set. Your ceremony time. Sunset. Reception start time. Then work backwards from your ceremony time to calculate travel to your ceremony, time for photos, and your bride/groom preparations.

Then calculate your ceremony duration.

Add in your group photo and family photos allocated time (if you are having these images with your photographer)

And the perfect time for your bridal location photos is 1-1.5 hours prior to sunset. The big question is then do you have enough time for your bridal party location portraits.

From your reception start time your venue or caterer usually have a timeline they like to work to.

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Ask your photographer for assistance

All weddings are different, and we can help. We can assist and advise what you do have time for and what won’t work on your wedding day based on your time schedule. You want to have time to enjoy those moments, have some buffer time in there so if something doesn’t quite go to plan you aren’t missing out somewhere else. As photographers we are often working with you throughout your entire day, working with other suppliers and and sunset times at every wedding we photograph. We can help you with your planning.

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